Board of Directors

Craig Davis

Emma Fielding

Gena Justice

Sheila Timm

Governing Documents

Berkeley Park Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions

Berkeley Park Covenants and Restrictions Highlights

Berkeley Park Covenants and Restrictions Amendment - 09/16/2004

Berkeley Park Covenants and Restrictions Amendment - 04/12/2005


Berkeley Park Certified Plats

Berkeley Park Certified Plat #1

Berkeley Park Certified Plat #2

Annual Meeting

The Annual Berkeley Park Homeowner Meeting was held October 20, 2015 to elect new officers and approve the annual budget. Thanks to the new quick and simple early electronic voting process, we had a 50% quorum of all homeowners and were able to conduct the meeting vs. rescheduling a second meeting. All agreed the electronic voting was much preferred over the previous mail and fax ballots. The early electronic voting process will continue.



From serving on a committee to a position on the Board, Berkeley Park is always looking for volunteers to serve the community.

To express an interest, please send an email to or call Shannon Kear at 865-558-3030.

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